Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spotlight on ICSC Graduate: Patrick Colemont

When Patrick Colemont from Belgium started the graduate program in 1986, he was the first European student at ICSC. He received the Creative Studies Alumni Foundation Award in 1987 and completed his Masters degree in 1990. His Master’s project consisted of the planning and organizing of the Second European Conference on Creativity and Innovation in The Netherlands. Patrick continued to be a pioneer and professional in the field of creativity and innovation and he was nominated “universal ambassador” by the European Association for Creativity and Innovation in 2001.

In the first decade of the new millennium Patrick developed a new career as creative consultant in communication and campaigns in politics. In 2008, he became part-time parliamentary collaborator of two Belgian senators. Later on, Patrick has continued his passion for creative thinking in a variety of domains, including mental health and peace making initiatives. He currently is active as ‘co-creative-partner’ and is in the process of writing a publication on “The Code, a conceptual design for co-creativity”.

Patrick will be participating and presenting at the 11the European Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Faro, Portugal from 14-16 September, 2011. He recently has entered a contest to contribute a seven minute speech at the Creativity World Forum 2011 in his hometown of Hasselt. You can see his pitch talk on the internet:

Patrick is a proud father of Antoine (14) and Amarine (10) who live with their mother Anne-Sophie in Paris. With his partner Krisje, he enjoys playing golf and spending quality time with the children when they stay in Hasselt. Patrick can be contacted at:


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