Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spotlight on ICSC Graduate: Marta Davidovich Ockuly

Marta moved from Sarasota, Florida to Buffalo, New York in May of 2010 to become a residential student in the I.C.S.C. program. In one whirlwind year, she completed her studies with distinction. Awarded her Master’s of Science degree in May, 2011, she was also one of three graduating students chosen to receive the coveted Mary Murdock Creative Spirit Award. Her master’s project: “Keys to Unlocking Creative Potential: The Expressive Path to Personal Growth” launched her popular creativity blog, and also led to a Social Media Consulting position offer from Saybrook University distinguished professors Dr. Ruth Richards and Dr. Steve Pritzker.

Prior to leaving Buffalo, Marta was accepted as a PhD student at Saybrook. She began her PhD studies as a distance student in August, and by September, under Dr. Ruth Richard’s generous mentorship, she was published as a co-author in the peer reviewed journal: NeuroQuantology. The is titled: “Creativity Revalued: How Professors, Students, and an Innovative University are Turning the Tide.” In 2013, Marta will begin training with Dr. Natalie Rogers to earn her Certification as a Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapist as part of her doctoral program.

Upon her return to Florida, Marta accepted an Adjunct Professor position with Eckerd College. She is teaching a course she developed called: “Creative Process: Awakening Creative Potential for Personal and Professional Growth” to adult undergraduate students. Marta will present at the National Association of Gifted Children’s conference ‘Creativity Night’, Friday, November 4th in New Orleans, Louisiana, the same week she launches her first original research project in partnership with Dr. Ruth Richards. It is a quantitative study measuring contemporary views, perceptions and definitions of creativity and using social media to attract participants from varied backgrounds. She hopes to present the findings at APA’s Annual Conference in August of 2012. In addition to her work as a PhD student, professor, and social media consultant, Marta is a busy creativity catalyst, joy coach, and Chief Inspiration Officer of www.JoyofQuotes.com. Her fast growing site is attracting more than 100,000 visits per month and features the largest collection of creativity quotes on-line.

On the personal side, Marta’s daughter Sarah is an award-winning metals artist who recently graduated Summa Cum Laud with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bowling Green University in Ohio. Her son David is a certified art teacher completing his Master’s Degree in Art Education at Ohio State University. Marta enjoys her life in sunny Sarasota with her companion Alejandro (a 4-month old Maltese puppy)!