Friday, February 4, 2011

Highlight on Alicia Arnold

Alicia Arnold graduated in 2010 with an MSc in Creative Studies. In 2011 she will be starting a publishing company and offering three titles. The first, Creativity Unscripted, originated during Alicia's first summer session at Buffalo State when Blair Miller introduced the Lucky 7's to a problem finding exercise using the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. The positive feedback about the approachability and simplicity of using nursery rhymes as a teaching tool led to the concept for the book. Creativity Unscripted uses a behind-the-scenes look into the Land of Nursery Rhyme and the characters Jack and Jill to teach CPS. The book blends the dryness of learning fact with the pleasure of reading fiction to create a business fable focused on teaching creativity.

Her next two titles, geared towards children, are part of a series. With the Mack & Cally titles,
Alicia introduces "The Letterman’s" – sibling crime solvers with a phonics bag of tricks. Readers can follow 8-year old Cally and 7-year old Mack through a series of adventures as they recover the Mona Lisa, search for the stolen Hope Diamond and return a Faberge egg to its rightful owner. The Letterman’s uses an engaging problem solving format to teach literacy. While solving crimes, Cally finds herself in precarious situations. Luckily, she has the Linking Letters to help her out. The letters come to life and form what they spell – that is, if Cally spells and pronounces them correctly. The Letterman’s stimulates imagination and promotes literacy by focusing on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Each story will feature phonics blends, letter sounds, and other phonics relationships to reinforce concepts learned in school.

If you would like to read the manuscripts and and provide a review
, feel free to contact Alicia at You can also follow her on Twitter @alicarnold.

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